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School Rules

Discipline is an important factor that contributes to the growth of a child. Here we would like to acquaint you with some important regulations that every child at Budha Dal Public School is expected to follow.

1.Pocket Money & Valuables :  Students are not expected to have cash their possession. Jewellery and valuables are strictly bidden and the school cannot be held responsible for loss of any such items. Students are not allowed to carrv mobiles. Incase they do, the mobiles will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action will be taken against the child. A heavy fine will be imposed on students carrying mobiles to school.

2. Use of Two Wheelers :
Only students of +1 and +2 are allowed to come to school on scooter & motorcycles. Students upto class X "should either use the school transport or cycles to commute to and fro. Parents are requested to ensure that they do not give, their wards upto class I any scooter/motorcycle to ride.

3. Leaving the school premises:
No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours with out the prior permission of the Principal.

4. Punctuality:
Students must be in their respective classrooms at least 10 minutes before the commencement of the school.

5. Identity card & School Diary :
Each student is expected to carry with him/her the school diary and Identity card on all days.

6. School property :
Care must be taken of all the school property. Strict action will be taken against students damaging the school furniture or defacing the walls. Any damage done will be made good by the defaulter.

7. Cleanliness:
Students should be dressed in a neat & clean uniform on all days. Shoes should be polished daily. Clean shaven boys should support a neat hair cut. No student is permitted to have a fancy hairstyle. Use of hair gels' is strictly forbidden.

8. Conduct:
All the students are expected to behave in a polite and refined manner at all times, both inside the outside the school. They should remember that the school is judged by their conduct. Habitual idleness, disobedience, stealing, objectionable immoral behavior or absence from school without any justifiable reason will be dealt with strictly and in some cases withdrawal may be the proper solution.

9. Parent Teacher Meeting :
Parents and guardians are not permitted to walk into the classrooms during working hours. Parent teacher meeting is held on the last Saturdays of every month to enable the parents to interact with the teacher. Students accompanying parents for PTA should be in proper school uniform.

10. Regularity :
Students should attend school regularly. The school reserves the right to take action against students who fall short of 75% of the total attendance. No students can avail leave without prior sanction. Permission for long leave has to be sought from the Principal. Any student absenting himself from school for more than 3 days without prior permission will be struck off the rolls. Readmission will be granted only after the payment of a heavy fine- Students who are absent even for one day should submit an application from the parents, stating the cause of absence. In case of sickness, they must produce a medical certificate to the same effect.
School reserves the right to ask a parent to withdraw a child for poor academic progress or on grounds of misconduct and/or indiscipline.

12. Withdrawals:
Full fees should be paid at the commencement of each quarter. No refund will be made under any circumstances. When required Transfer Certificate will be issued only when fees and other dues have been paid in full. Should a parent decide to withdraw his child from school, due notice is expected of them before the last working day.
13. Visitors:
The students are not allowed to receive visitors or make phone calls during class hours unless the matter is very urgent.