The school is the gift of Chief of Budha Dal, '96 Crori Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Santa Singh Ji, Akali Budha Dal Panjwan Takhat. The school is run by the Chief Patron, Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Balbir Singh Ji Akali 96 Crori, Mrs. Sukhvinderjit Kaur, President Managing Committee, Mrs.Parminderjit Kaur Brar, Admin. Officer, Adv. S. Karan Rajbir Singh, Director of Education and Advisor Managing Committee. At present Mrs. Harpreet Kaur is the Principal of the school. The school's foundation was laid on May 06, 1984 by the Hon'ble Minister for Housing, Sports and Parliamentary Affairs, Sardar Buta Singh. It was started to provide the youth of this region with an opportunity to get an all round education based on an adaptation of the English public school system on Patiala's tradition-enriched soil.
Brief Profile
The aim of the school is to make its pupils cultured and useful members of society. They should, when they enter the world, be able to take an active interest in the betterment of the community and when they grow up to take their respective positions in life, having the advantage of a sound education, fit themselves usefully into the world of tomorrow.
Cultural Activities

School's Annual Function School hold the annual function at the end of every Year, this gives the students a chance to explore their Personalities and prove themselves, Prize distribution is also done during these functions honouring the deserving candidates.
NCC Students are exposed to the wholesome influence and ethos of discipline and duty through the NCC Wing. The school has Air Wing for boys & Army Wing for girls.