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Cultural Activities

School's Annual Function

School hold the annual function at the end of every Year, this gives the students a chance to explore their Personalities and prove themselves, Prize distribution is also done during these functions honouring the deserving candidates.


            Students are exposed to the wholesome influence and ethos of discipline and duty through the NCC Wing. The school has Air Wing for boys & Army Wing for girls.


            Tours are organised for senior students during the Summer and Autumn Breaks. Groups are sent to hill stations and holiday destinations like Mumbai, Goa, Kullu Manali, South India, Nainital, Mussoorie etc. One day trips and picnics are organised for the Juniors.


            At Budha Dal Public School, we believe that inside every child lies the imagination of a Shakespeare, the genius of a Ravi Shankar, the boldness of a Picasso and the grace of Rukmini Devi Arundale. To give vent to their expression, the children are encouraged to pick any hobby of their choice and pursue it under the guidance of the teachers. Hobbies offered are :

            1.         Taekwondo                            10.       Classical Dance

            2.         Yoga                                     11.       Card making & Gift Wrapping

            3.         Aerobics                                12.       Personality Development

            4.         Dramatics                              13.       Environment Club

            5.         Public Speaking                       14.       Science Club

            6.         French                                  15.       Electronics

            7.         Cookery                                16.       Vocal Music

            8.         Bhangra                                17.       Clay Modelling

            9.         Glass painting                        18.       Art & Craft