Budha Dal Hosts North East Cultural Programme in Collaboration with North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala

Over 100 artists from across the North East came together here today at Budha Dal Public School, Patiala for the North East Cultural Progamme. The event was held to motivate and create cultural awareness, prevent future conflicts and build future capacity for strengthening peace among the youth. The event was graced by the presence of the President of the school Mrs. Sukhvinderjit Kaur, Admin. Officer Mrs. Parminderjit Kaur Brar and the Principal of the School Dr. (Mrs) Amrit Aujla. The event gave a platform to the North-Eastern students to showcase their talent in singing and dancing with traditional instruments like flute and Dhol . Dressed in colorful attire the troupe put up an array of spectacular dances like “Lai Haroba” of Manipur , “Bardoi Sikhla” of Assam , “Salakia” of Mizoram , “Rikram Pada” - a popular folk dance of land of Rising Sun – Arunachal Pradesh .”Mugayanta” of Nagaland and “Tamang Sello” of Sikkim left the audience mesmerized . Such events facilitate greater integration and foster a sense of unity and brotherhood. The Principal of the school Dr.(Mrs.) Amrit Aujla said that such events showcase the cultural diversity of India and provide a feeling of oneness among the countrymen.